(Formerly Known as Little Lotus Yoga for Kids)

Upcoming trainings:

Please note all trainings are on hold due to the current Covid-19 situation

Mishkaa Minis Yoga for Kids Teacher Training Level One: Preschool and Elementary (K-6)

Join us for a fun, inspirational and action packed weekend of kids yoga and learn how to share your love of yoga with kids up to 12 yrs old! 

Dates: Postponed - future dates to be decided

Friday 5-9pm

Saturday 12.30pm - 6.30pm

Sunday 11.30am - 6.30pm

Cost $395

(dates and times subject to change)

Mishkaa Minis Yoga for Kids Teacher Training Level Two: Teens and Preteens (prerequisite Level One)

This is an additional one day training to give you the extra understanding and tools to work more deeply with preteens and to teach yoga to teens up to age 18. 

Dates: TBD

One day training Saturday or Sunday 

Cost $145

Click here for more information on the program and how to register. 

To register for one of our trainings please email us at info@mishkaayoga.com to inquire about space. We will ask that you pay a $50 deposit to secure your space. You can do so by selecting the deposit option from the menu here, or sending an interac transfer to the email address above. The balance of payment is due on the first day of training.

To pay your deposit or balance for a kids yoga training please see options here:

To pay your deposit or balance for a kids yoga training please see options here:

Yoga for Kids

Kids yoga classes are fun, inspirational, educational and unique every time. Children teach us how to live as true yogis, in the moment, in the full expression of who we are. Teaching yoga to kids is extremely rewarding when we allow them to teach us the important lessons that many of us have forgotton as adults. A great kids yoga class is taught by a teacher who can hold a safe space of learning and growing for the children providing them with an environment where they can do what comes naturally to them as little yogis. 

In this training program we aspire to bring you the expertise and knowledge that you need to be able to provide this healing and learning space and to go on this incredible journey of yoga with the children in your class.  Whether you are an experienced yogi who would like to work with children, or an experienced teacher or educator interested in learning more about yoga, this program will be valuable to you both personally and professionally.


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