I recommend your workshop to all that are interested in kids yoga! I took the Toddler/Preschool module and have been teaching yoga ever since at our school (Alexander von Humboldt German International School). The weekend program offered in-depth background on kids’ development and yoga techniques. I still use many of the materials given to me as well.  Katy Kraus, Teacher, Montreal, Quebec.

I so appreciate your wisdom, experience and knowledge, as well as the compassionate container in which you held the space for the training. I felt that this was a really thorough training based on both western science and eastern wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing all that you know as well as all that you do. Angie Mackay, Psychologist and Yoga Teacher, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Thanks for opening my eyes to a totally different way of teaching. Now I have the impression that yoga is fun! Letizzia Wastavino, Yoga Teacher, Montreal, Quebec.

The training was inspiring and extremely useful. I look forward to bringing yoga to the hears and minds of children in my care.  Suzie, Early Childhood Educator, Montreal, Quebec.

I learned so much more about yoga than I ever knew. I learnt the real benefits for children. I loved your energy and the flow of the class...everything was amazing! Jodie, Montreal, Quebec.

Inspiring and concise. I feel excited to jump into teaching toddler's yoga as a way to connect with my community. Kathy, Montreal, Quebec.

I really enjoy this training, wonderful instructors and amazing environment. What I learnt is not only the knowledge, but also the aspiration of being a good yoga teacher. I discovered I can put my passion, creativity and knowledge into the work with children. Jing, Early Childhood Educator, Montreal, Quebec.

I really enjoyed the course. I found it well structured and informative. The hands on exercises helped solidify the concepts reviewed. Thanks! Rebecca, Sutton, Quebec.

Good content, lovely experienced facilitators who conveyed the lessons in an enjoyable and informative way. Nellie, Montreal, Quebec.

This class is a great stepping stone for new teachers. It provides the theoretical knowledge and the confidence necessary to begin teaching. Pascale, Educator, Laurentians, Quebec.

As a beginner, from the introduction, to the practice with kids, and the last group practice, all were useful and I learned a lot. I recommend this course for daycare educators. Sepideh, Early Childhood Educator, Montreal, Quebec.

I loved this course and I know I will benefit from it personally and professionally. The manuals are great and all activities will be helpful in the future. Kate and Michelle, you are wonderful teachers and I look forward to learning more from you. Erin Cumming, Early Childhood Education Student, Montreal, Quebec.

I really enjoyed the yoga philosophy discussions and the learning tools. Also the kids class was priceless! This was a great, well rounded, useful and meaningful workshop. Thanks! Talya Barnes, Early Childhood Education Student, Montreal, Quebec.

Great training! Very comprehensive and excellent teachers. Really well done. You leave with lots of tools to use in a class. Thank you. Barbara Pearce, Yoga Teacher, Pierrefonds, Quebec. 


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